The game was released on July 22, 2009 and the game takes place 1000 years before Spyro the Dragon and it shows how he became the Dark Master.

Plot: It starts of Malefor being born and shows him at age 12 that he master all the elements and then the gamesets at him being 16. Malefor sees a force more powerfull then the elders and malefor himself and the being's name is Zog and he proclaims to the world that he'll rule and make a new age to this world. But Malefor went through all of Zog's minions and then he defeats Zog and sents him to the Convexity dimension by using his dark powers. The game ends with Malefor becoming the Dark Master by becoming corruted by power and kills the the king of Warfang and thus starting the great war and killing the elders also before their offspring ( the new elders ) sent him in banishment to the Mountain of Malefor where he remains until Spyro 1000 years later relases him while fighting Gaul.




Malefor's 8 children

Ice Elder

Arado ( fire elder )

Lighting Elder

Earth Elder

The new Elders

Spyro ( cameo )

Gaul ( cameo )