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The game shows Cynder's childhood and how she became the dark master's servent


The game begins of the kiddnapping of Cynder's egg and it then hatches and is adopted by Gaul the ape king where she at an young age gets trained of the melee martial art. 10 years later Cynder was playing then suddenly she saw Gaul talk to the dark master about conquering the world by using Cynder. Cynder was horried about this so she ran away to the swamp where she meets Cyril the ice elder whos teaches her about her sudden outbursts of shadow and poision. Cynder then finds that Gaul sent Crush of Avalar to find Cynder and kill Cyril for he found out about her running away. Cynder with her powers of shadow and poison defeats Crush. Cyril amazed at Cynder's bravery taught her how to use her natural element wind to fly and create hurracanes. Cynder now ready goes back to Gaul's place and defeats him but the Dark Master turned against her and turns her to his servent of darkness as planned and it increases her shadow and poison abilites and it unlocks her fear element. She will be like this until The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning.



Cynder's parents

The Dark Master ( Malifor )



Ignious ( fire elder )


Spyro ( cameos )


Cynder starts off with wind, then when she goes to the swamp she learns shadow and poison. She learns how to fly after beating Crush and learns fear at the final cutscene of her turning to the Dark Master's servent, but you can't use it.