Shows Ignitus fall to the dark path


The Legend of Ignitus is set 3 years after Legend of Ignitus 2.


3 years after Legend of Ignitus 2 the Dragon Realms is at peace until Spyro ( Ignitus' father ) was actting strange until he turned dark and tried to kill Flame but failed and he escaped. Cynder ( Ignitus' mother ) tells Ignitus about Spyro's dark side and assigns him to find and save his father. So Ignitus and his uncle Sparx go on a journey yet again to save the Dragon Realms, while Ignitus was having some dark powers simlar to his father's. After going through a region in the Dragon Realm ( Terra ), Ignitus met and fought Oppiclops a son of Zeus in another dimension in his universe and while he battled him he turned into Dark Ignitus and killed Oppiclops. Then he turned back to Ignitus, relizing what he done, Ignitus with Sparx went to the Dragon Temple ( Spyro's headqurters when he was a child ) where he could try to control his dark persona but Zobek was at the Dragon Temple to wait and try to kill Ignitus. But Ignitus with his dark power again defeated his and he beat Zobek until Zobek passed out and Ignitus left knowing where Spyro was after he turned back to his normal self again. Then when Ignitus was about to go to Malefor's place, he had a vision by the Chornicler of how Spyro became possessed by Malefor who escaped the spirit world and sough power from a powerful purple dragon. After Ignitus got his vision, Ignitus fought his way to Malefor's palace and confronted Malefor, but Malefor was deseiving ignitus to join him in darkness, but Ignitus who was losing control of his dark power said no but Dark Ignitus said he wanted to be a king not Malefor. But with great fury and goodness Ignitus finally gotten control over his dark persona and he defeated Malefor thus senting him back to the sprit world and freeing Spyro. Spyro thanks him and so does the world and after that Yin and Ignitus are a couple. 40 years later, Ignitus and Yin are married and they have a daughter but they will have alot more children after and before that. Ignitus and Yin are happy and the couple are goverment congress dragons and they are helping Republic City grow even their city Puraka in peace.