&nbsp The Legend of Ignitus is the spin-off series set after The Legend Of Spyro where Spyro and Cynder married and had 3 children Trish, Ignitus and Zobek. 10 years after that their is a crysis and Ignitus must stop the crysis and save the Dragon Realms.


Ignitus is playing with Sparx at Town Square and Spyro tells them that the ceromony is now starting. During the ceromony, a dark cloud comes and covers Spyro and Cynder, when the cloud pass they were gone. When that happen, Gnasty Gnorc II came and told the dragons that he has them and noone can stop him and he rules the Dragon Realms soon after. Ignitus furious goes back to the Artisan home with Sparx trying to sole the mystery of where his parents might be. When he freed the Artisan, Peace Keepers and Terra he defeated Thraklor then he got to Beast Makers and defeated Gublin then he went through Dream Weavers and defeated Blowhard.
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Ignitus The Dragon

When he defeated Blowhard, he got his key to unlock the castle that is right next to the Haunteed Towers portal. He unlocked it and after getting through, he battled and defeated Gnasty Gnorc II and rescued his parents and the the Dragon Realms from his rule. Now that he rescued his parents he and Sparx are taking a break at Dragon Shores while thinking of having another adventure.



Artisans Homeworld

Town Square

Dark Hollow

Go Sparx


Peace Keepers

Peace Keepers Homeworld

Dry Canyon

Another race for Sparx

Wild Flight


Terras Homeworld

Dragon Village

Thraklor's Layer

Beast Makers

Terance Village

Misty Bogs

Beast Makers Homeworld

Grublin's Place

Dream Weavers

Dark Passage

Lofty Castle

Blowhard's Place

Gnasty's Layer ( Flying Level )

Gnasty Gnorc II ( Boss )