It is the second and maybe final of the Legend of Cynder series.

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It starts after Spyro saves Cynder from the Convexity dimension, 2 weeks later Cynder feels that she has cause alot of trouble while serveing the Malifor. So she leaves and tries to find her path, she goes to Artisans world where she finds that her mother lives here so she finds her after fighting the dark armies at Stone Hill. Her mother tells Cynder that this was a prophecy that Cynder will be crupted by the dark master but help the purple dragon to defeat him and restore peace to the Dragon Realm ( as the world was call during malifor's reign ). So she and her mother came back to Dragon realm where Cynder's mother goes to the Temple and during that Cynder is kiddnapped and forced to fight in Skab's arena and thats where she meets Spyro again. Then she escapes and goes to the Moutain of Malifor in order to stop Gaul from freeing the Dark Master, but fails. Spyro frees her while fighting gaul and at the end Cynder is along side with Spyro and Sparx when Spyro froozed themselfs in a time crystal until Dawn of the Dragon.







Cynder's mother

Traul the Centaur




She starts off with wind, shadow and poison, but she'll get the fear element when she gets to the Artisan's world. She also gains Convexity breath while fighting Traul.