Akio when hes angry.


Akio Cortex is one of the most powerfulvillains of the Crash and Spyro universe and hes the half brother of Crash Bandicoot.


Akio was born to the Itchigoya family in 1990 and he had contacted an unknown illness and he lived with his parents on Cortex Island. When he went to N.Sanity Jungle, he found Crash (wounded) and he took him to his home and care for him naming him Hiroki. When he died Cortex was sad and eventuly had Hiroki reborn as Crash bandicoot while his wive left him with her unborn son ( Neo Jr. ) and the company. But he actually didn't die but right before his apparent death he confronted the newly born N.Tropy ( Nate Cortex Jr. ) and Tropy told him that his illness wasn't his soon to be death but his way of deloping his powers. After he discovered his powers he joined him and made a clone that took his place and left. He went to Tokeyo where he was cared for by his grandfather Lord Cortex and he was reunited with his mother. he soon became evil for his powers corrupted him and he vowed to destroy his father. When he was 25 he soon returned to the Islands and confronted his fater and brother Hiroki (Crash Bandicoot) he told Crash that e rescused him when he was wonded and thats when Cortex and crash found that Akio was alive. So they fought and lost at first but when they met again, the duo defeated him. During his years he had been a pain to Cortex and Crash and vowed to kill them. Before the Clone Saga Akio used Tropy's time machine and killed Crash when he was a baby in front of Cortex. But when he got back to the present the altered Cortex from the altered timeline fought and defeated him and went back in time and prevented Crash's death, wiping the Timeout Bandicoot timeline forever. When he lost he found love with Sharon Slicer ( Jack Slicer's sister and Nina's sister in law. ) and married they had a son Akio Jr. who had the same powers as Akio. Also thekid was the same age as Crash Jr. and he became a great foe to Crash Jr. Then Akio continued his war against Cortex and Crash until he found peace with them during the final battle against Lord Cortex. He then joined the Future Foundation and he spend alot of time with Crash and Cortex.


His powers are these below.



Time travel ( brief ability by N. Tropy until taken away by Altered Cortex )

Energy Manipulation ( Able to control any form of energy. )

Dark Mojo

Mind Control